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We have a large selection of apartments to choose from with a view directly to the ocean and the canals. 

 You will find the best real estate, relocation service, homes, condos in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach Florida. 


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We're a dedicated team of genuinely passionate, property professionals who understand our customers' needs and desires. Ocean Front Real Estate specialises in the finest coastal, lifestyle, luxury and executive real estate in Florida.

Building Amenities

• Contemporary design domed lobby with custom, imported furnishings attended by concierge/doorman

• Private gym and spa adjacent to pool deck; personal steam and sauna rooms

• Tropical garden waterfall and swimming pool overlooking Intracoastal; private sundeck with fountains

• Secured indoor parking

• Complete fire sprinkler system with automatic fire control and smoke evacuation network

• Advanced wiring for broadband high speed computer and cable access

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