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We’re a dedicated team of genuinely passionate, property professionals who understand our customers’ needs and desires. Ocean Front Real Estate specialises in the finest coastal, lifestyle, luxury and executive real estate in Florida.

Building Amenities

• Contemporary design domed lobby with custom, imported furnishings attended by concierge/doorman

• Private gym and spa adjacent to pool deck; personal steam and sauna rooms

• Tropical garden waterfall and swimming pool overlooking Intracoastal; private sundeck with fountains

• Secured indoor parking

• Complete fire sprinkler system with automatic fire control and smoke evacuation network

• Advanced wiring for broadband high speed computer and cable access

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Property News & Insights

How Long Is The Process Of Buying A House?

Having a house of our own is pretty much everyone’s dream. But are you worried thinking about the process of buying a house? Let me tell you, we are here to make things easier and your thoughts disappear. Here are a few crucial steps that will help you take this one of the most important decisions of life. So how long is the process of buying a house? Unlike other processes, this one doesn’t have a complicated process.

How To Baby Proof A House?

Once your stay at the hospital is over, you must make sure that everything is ready to receive the new family member at home. Cleaning the entire house is very important, as well as the place where you will sleep and all the materials you will need to take care of the newborn.

Health Concerns Of Living Near Power Lines

In today’s world, we are surrounded by electrical gadgets everywhere we go. All of these devices create Electric and Magnetic fields, collectively known as the Electromagnetic fields or the EMFs. Our exposure to EMFs has obviously increased manifold over the last few decades. Also, understandably, concerns have been voiced over this over-exposure. When it comes to the power lines, they look quite intimidating with the huge structures on which they are mounted. Also, since it is known that ‘high voltage’ is involved, the radiation is more as compared to other daily-use devices. Hence, people are quite concerned about living near power lines. But is this concern justified?

What To Look For In A Real Estate Agent

Moving houses can be quite the nuisance. On top of all the packing, cleaning, and soothing any sulking children one may have, one would also have to also look for a buyer for the old house and a suitable new home to hold all the furniture, and that fits well with one’s budget. While the tasks of packing and cleaning can be evenly distributed among family members; moving can be handled by a moving company; and likewise, the job of finding a new home and selling the old house can be eased by having a real estate agent help out. However, what with all the scams and caution stories that your relatives and friends have shared, it might be difficult to find a real estate agent that fits the bill for you.

Should You Rent Or Buy A House?

The decision to buy an apartment or a home is one of the most critical investments in life. The possession of real estate in all cultures, through history, is considered desirable and worthwhile, and why wouldn’t it be today. Still, the question is: Should you rent or buy a house?

Concerns Of Living Near A Beach

For most of the folks, a beach is a place where they spend their vacation and living there might be a fantasy. People living within the earshot of ocean are also taking on one of the perils of global warming. With average sea levels, it is expected to increase few metres in the next 25 years. Some are very fortunate to be grown up in the beach regions, but there are few concerns of living near a beach that is explained in illustration below.

Health Effects of Living Near an Airport

Leaving near an airport can be extremely annoying, just ask anyone who had the bad luck to do it. The noise, the smells, the air, and the traffic, they all amount to a not so pleasurable experience. Having to reside close to an airport is not only annoying, but it is also very detrimental to a person´s health, and that´s something not everyone pays attention to.

First Time Home Buyer Tips and Advice

Buying an apartment or house is one of the most important, but also the most stressful events. This job involves two key associates: a lawyer and a construction engineer or an architect. When it comes to buying a house, this is a big step, and we can give a few tips to make it a little easier to navigate. The whole job is very demanding because it is a significant investment. For this reason, we bring here for first time home buyer tips and advice, which could suit them the best.

Fun Things To Do At The Beach With A Toddler

If you are planning a beach vacation with your toddler, you are probably wondering whether your toddler would like the beach well. You are possibly asking yourself if you would be able to engage them in enough activities while on the beach. You definitely do not want to hand over the i-pad and let them watch mindless videos when there is so much else they could be doing! Here are some fun things to do at the beach with a toddler so that they are not just occupied with some activities, but also enjoy and learn while on the beach!

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