For most of the folks, a beach is a place where they spend their vacation and living there might be a fantasy. People living within the earshot of ocean are also taking on one of the perils of global warming. With average sea levels, it is expected to increase few meters in the next 25 years. Some are very fortunate to be grown up in the beach regions, but there are few concerns of living near a beach that is explained in illustration below.

Sea Level Rise

The primary issue for the sea level rise is the global warming and increased industrialization. There are many harmful effects of the increase as it can cause a flood and destroy the agriculture whereas the aquatic animals lose their habitat due to this. So many plants and animals are getting extinct, and if they can be gone, then it is no lesser threat to human life.

Ocean Corrosion

From the study of chemicals that salt and metal never mix instead the salt corrodes the metal. So this affects badly to the people staying near it as it rusts the iron gates, air conditioners etc. because the oxide layer is very destructive and it damages the coils present in the air conditioning. Metal galvanisation can be helpful to eradicate the problem but not for a more extended period as the salt would mostly dominate the metals.

Mold Issues

Accumulation of moisture content on a surface is known as mold. It is a very irritating problem cause all the floors get readily wet and our body also faces humid conditions. To avoid this proper ventilation is required with large windows and ventilated rooms. Leakage in-house can also cause mold so appropriate sealing the walls is to be done.

Public Authority

As the beach goes to the public property and there has been a record that many homeless people dwell in the sea beach make houses of their kind. So make sure that your home has authorization because you may never know that your neighbor may be a homeless folk. And usually they are uneducated, so they may litter the environment which would be hazardous to health.

Heat And Sunburn

The death rate due to temperature has been on the increase with high speed since ten years. The heat is even more dangerous than any hurricane, floods etc. Not only we get sunburns from extreme heat, but also we get health disorders like heat exhaustion, heat stroke and skin disorder. When a burn is severe accompanied by a headache and fever, then we should seek medical help.

Sand Everywhere

No matter how many times the house is dusted but there will be sand all over again within few minutes because the air in the environment carries sand particles so when the wind blows, the sand also comes with it. Kids are notorious for bringing sand along with them after their beach visit.

Living on the sea beaches have its perks, but still, there are few concerns of living near a beach and keeping that in mind one should have a proper planning before taking a house near the beach.

How about positives of living close to the beach?

This video will make you feel better about being by the sea:

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