Buying an apartment or house is one of the most important, but also the most stressful events. This job involves two key associates: a lawyer and a construction engineer or an architect. When it comes to buying a house, this is a big step, and we can give a few tips to make it a little easier to navigate. The whole job is very demanding because it is a significant investment. For this reason, we bring here for first time home buyer tips and advice, which could suit them the best.

  1. Check the documentation of the house

It is essential to have your lawyer check the literature of the house. It happens in situations that, when buying a home that has not been in use for a couple of years, the neighbors took part of the house and used it. And it is also not rare that the seller has unlawfully adopted a piece of the neighborhood land and used it. It can cost more and also cause problems with neighbors.

  1. Don’t wait for the right time and the right price

It is impossible to predict it with accuracy. The best option is when you find a house that suits you, and you have plenty to pay for it, buy it. So it’s not a perfect house, but it fits your expectations. Waiting for the ideal opportunity is impossible to perform. If you expect the fabulous home, the price of the house you could already buy can and will rise. To obtain the house, it takes a bit more experience, and this should be left to those who professionally deal with real estate. If shopping was done only to live in it, then just that should be taken into account.

  1. Find the right size

There is one trap here, which is to buy a larger house than necessary. If it is purchased smaller, it can be sold and at an extra charge, to obtain a larger one. However, if a large house is bought in the beginning, it will be a long wait to find real customers. And for the period while an actual customer is waiting, you need to work consistently on maintenance. Buying a house that is optimal in size for the needs of the customer is avoided by the acquisition of the sale of small / too big and looking for a new one. It is not only valid when it comes to the house, but is related to the size of the yard. If there are no supporting facilities such as a garage or courtyard, in that case, it should be large enough to build these objects. So it is also necessary to include plans for years in advance for more important things, such as giving birth to children or starting a new job within the home.

  1. Estimation of other costs

When you buy a house with a loan, then the only problem is not how to pay a mortgage after credit. It is necessary to pay the obligations for heating, water, utilities, electricity, and taxes. The amount of these costs is directly related to the size of the house. It also needs work on maintenance and repair of the house, with additional charges. One extra expense is where the home is located, how far is it from work, school or shop, because there is an expense and costs until you arrive there. Also see how it is full of utilities, what is the water supply, whether it has a telephone connection, whether there is a two-phase or three-phase current. Heating is a more important item, how the previous owners were heating and whether the heating system will be needed. You can look at all these costs even before you take the house, and they might help you make the final decision.

  1. Check the condition of the house

It is best to check the status of the house thoroughly. The problem is that buyers are not experts in all areas, and the engagement of the worker is also costly. If we look into the bathroom and see lovely new tiles, it does not mean that they are quite good. It would be best to evaluate this assessment by a plumber. It was just a rough example of how it should work when it comes to buying a home.In addition to the house, it needs to be checked and in what condition the yard is, on what level it is in relation to the level of the road. If the yard is lower, the water may be retained in it, if it has not made on a drainage system.

  1. Highly estimate the price

Here you take into account some factors, such as how much the owner is asking for, how much money is needed to arrange a transcript, how much money you need for repairs in the first stage and how much money you have at your disposal.

  1. Check the neighborhood

Not only to check the neighbors or what they do, but it is also necessary to find the distance to the school, shops or health center (I recommend using for this). At the first moment, things that are irrelevant can prove to be very important or, on the other hand, very irritating. It is also necessary to visit this part of the city at different times of the day, as this gives a better impression. It’s very interesting to be familiar with the city transport, what it is like and whether it often passes near the house. It is necessary to see what the situation is like in other periods of the year, for example, how regularly snow is getting cleaner during the winter.

Therefore even if you are a first time home buyer tips and advice that we have mentioned above shall undoubtedly lead to a successful buy.


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