Once your stay at the hospital is over, you must make sure that everything is ready to receive the new family member at home. Cleaning the entire house is very important, as well as the place where you will sleep and all the materials you will need to take care of the newborn.

We recommend that you have everything ready before the baby is born because once the birth has taken place it will be much more difficult for you to deal with this type of issues since all your attention must be on your child.

After the first six months, the babies usually will increase the interaction with their environment, so we recommend protecting windows, stairs, balconies, and any other risky part of the house that could damage the little one.

For example, in the case of stairs, we suggest placing small doors that prevent the baby from falling and rolling down the steps. For windows and balconies, the recommendation we give you is to put protective mats or bars that prevent the baby from leaning out, falling or throwing something through them.

Always close the drawers, especially if they contain dangerous objects for your baby. In the market, you can get different models of security ties for drawers, and any other furniture that may contain things dangerous to the baby such as medicines, cleaning products, insecticides, alcoholic beverages, tools, cutting elements, cutlery, etc.

Do not forget to relocate the products that may represent a danger to your child. Disinfectants, waxes, and chlorine often attracts a lot of attention from children, so we recommend placing them in a high place that has a key so that the baby does not have access to this kind of products.

It is important not to use containers of soft drinks or edible products to store cleaners or insecticides. It will help to avoid confusion and possible poisoning.

Something you can not let go is covering up plugs and cables, do not forget that they are dangerous even for adults, so for a baby, they are even more of a risk. Because of their need to express and get to know their environment, one of the first things babies do once they begin the crawling stage is trying to get their little fingers in them. For these cases, the plug protectors are the best friends of mom and dad, as well as the gutters that serve to cover those cables, and take them away from your baby´s sight and reach.

You also have to be careful of the bathtub and the toilet. Don´t forget that 12 inches of water and a few seconds are enough for a fatal outcome involving your baby, so it is necessary to keep the toilets closed, and for this you can use some proper security locks. You should never ever leave the baby alone in the bathtub or nearby neither a bucket of water nor any other place where your child could drown by immersion.

If the baby is more than 6 months old and already sits straight, you can use an adjustable seat for the bathtub to prevent slipping into the water. Anyway, even using this, the little one should not be left alone in the bathtub.

Last, but not least, you should always take into consideration that if your baby has an older sibling, he or she should understand that the new member of the family is a human being who feels and needs to be taken care of, and not a doll.

Make sure your baby is safe at home, it is totally worth it!


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