Moving houses can be quite the nuisance. On top of all the packing, cleaning, and soothing any sulking children one may have, one would also have to also look for a buyer for the old house and a suitable new home to hold all the furniture, and that fits well with one’s budget. While the tasks of packing and cleaning can be evenly distributed among family members; moving can be handled by a moving company; and likewise, the job of finding a new home and selling the old house can be eased by having a real estate agent help out. However, what with all the scams and caution stories that your relatives and friends have shared, it might be difficult to find a real estate agent that fits the bill for you.

3 Things To Look For In A Real Estate Agent

Here is all you need to know what to look for in a real estate agent, regardless of whether you are a first time buyer or a seller.


Before you hire an agent to sell, rent or look for property, there are a few traits that one should look for when hiring a real estate agent. Among these characteristics are experienced. It is typically recommended that people seek for agents that have at least five years of experience under their belt, as these agents would already have done many transactions and know the ins and outs of the business very well. With these agents, there is a higher chance that you will be able to sell, rent or look for property swiftly, as experienced realtors would know better about where to look for buyers and sellers, as compared to inexperienced realtors. Besides that, experienced agents would have the advantage of having a more extensive network of buyers, sellers,and agents. It goes without saying that agents with a more substantial network will be able to give their clients better service as they will be able to find what their clients want in a short period.


However, the experience isn’t all that one should prioritize in a realtor. In fact, in some cases, agents with more experience can end up being the craftiest of swindlers in the industry. Honesty is a trait that should be present in the agents that you hire. Honest agents will never try to overprice property or present hidden charges in the bill- which is essential, as you wouldn’t want to lose more money than what you are already paying the agent. While experience may be a trait to look for in a realtor, it is arguable that honesty is more important. Ask yourself, would you rather have a crafty, experienced agent, or an honest amateur on your case? Of course, agents don’t have to be either or, but it is essential that one prioritizes a few traits instead of focusing on just one.

Good Communicator

Another trait that is vital to look for in an agent is the ability to communicate well. Anybody can talk, it’s whether or not the agent can speak well, that matters. If you are a buyer, an agent that can interact well will be able to understand what kind of property you are looking for and provide suitable options. For a seller, on the other hand, such a trait in an agent will be able to understand what you have to offer and attract more clients, hence increasing the chance that your property can be rented out or sold swiftly. An agent who is an excellent communicator will also be able to tell you why he or she is the agent that you need.And provide you with everything you would want to know, such as the agent’s listing, recent transactions, and transactions that he or she has done in the area that you are looking to sell, rent or buy.

Don’t Take This Hire Lightly!

All in all, real estate agents are crucial to the process of buying, renting or selling the property. Without them, any layman looking to get rid of or hunt for the property would take a much longer time, and even then, there would be no guarantee that the outcome is desirable. However, one must also know what to look for in a real estate agent to ensure that one will get the services one deserves.

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